Documentation, restoration, and sustainable regeneration of the built heritage

29th-31st October 2024, Bergamo, Italy

The ReUSO conference is an annual, itinerant event that invites scholars, practitioners and researchers to think about the themes of the preservation, and enhancement of the existing. The name was designed as a synthetic expression of ‘restoration’ and ‘use’ in a combination that brings together history, restoration and contemporary living in a continuous symbiotic manner. ReUSO represents a conservation action based on the interdisciplinary contribution of different fields of knowledge to preserve the existing.  The first edition took place in Madrid in 2013, followed by Florence 2014, Valencia 2015, Pavia 2016, Granada 2017, Messina 2018, Matera 2019, Florence 2020 online (Toledo Seminar 2020), Rome 2021, Porto 2022 and Caceres 2023.

The 12th edition of the ReUSO conference will take place in Bergamo and it is organised by the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences (DISA) of the University of Bergamo, in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia and the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the “Kore” University of Enna. The conference aims to encourage scholarly discussion on issues concerning the conscious and sustainable re-use of the Built and Landscape Heritage. This reuse process must be based on a rigorous and accurate knowledge and documentation project necessary for the understanding and preservation of the historical memory of the place and the asset.